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The foundations of our company were laid by Mr. Mehmet Yayla 63 years ago in skenderun. Having come from Elaz, his original hometown, to skenderun to go to America because of the rush of working in America in that period, Mr. Mehmet Yayla begun to be engaged in contracting business, which is the business he knows well, while waiting for the day of departure. Then, he changed his idea of going to America and decided to remain in skenderun and then founded Yayla Construction in 1950. In the following years, he undertook the superstructure projects under the name of Yayla Construction UnLtd. Company, and he got married there and started his family.

Until 1980s, he had achieved major projects in this town and within this period, he gradually left his works to the second generation after him.

The youngest child of the family, Mr. Hseyin Yayla took over the torch and has grown the business much bigger.

Having changed the company name to Yayla Construction Industry & Trade Ltd. Co. in 1986, Mr. Hseyin Yayla bought all the shares of the company from the family members, and became the sole owner of the whole company in 1992.

Having taken this strong structure with 40 years of track record into the field of infrastructure projects in 1990 within this period, Mr. Hseyin Yayla moved the headquarter of the company to Ankara in 1991.

After the third generation had been involved in the business life with 2000s, the company partners began to be interested in the field of energy, especially in the renewable and clean energy investments.

Having begun to vary their fields of operation, which was heavily based on the construction industry, within the fields of energy and tourism since 2010, the company changed their company name to be Yayla Energy Production Tourism & Construction Trade Co. Inc. in 2012 in accordance with their fields of operation and.

Having identified the name of Yayla with trust, integrity and success for 3 generations, the corporate structure has been carrying on proceeding on their way to contribute more to the welfare of the country every day, to create more employment and to raise those entrusted to them to the new heights as committed to the principles that they adopted 63 years ago.